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About Mansfield and District U3A
Mansfield and District U3A was formed in 1999 and now has 275 members making new friends and learning new skills in retirement.
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Interests & Hobbies
Mansfield U3A members enjoy making new friends and continued learning in a wide range of academic, cultural and physical activities and hobbies.
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We welcome anyone who is no longer working full-time, subject to vacancies.
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Mansfield & District U3A meets on the third Tuesday of each month (except August & December) from 10am to 12.15.

Members meet at the Oakham Suite, 115 Nottingham Road, Mansfield NG18 4AE (next to the Talbot Inn) and have a varied programme of
invited speakers.

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Thoresby Update: I have just had a cancellation.  Room could be double, twin or single.  If you want to come ring 01623 626991 ASAP

Welcome to Mansfield and District University of the Third Age – where retired and semi-retired people are never bored or lonely; making friends, finding things to do and learning together.

We offer Nottinghamshire seniors something to look forward to in retirement and a friendly way for you to enjoy it.

Mansfield U3A January 2015 NewsletterMembers are part of an international organisation providing educational, cultural and social opportunities for people who are retired or not in full-time employment. So if you enjoy making new friends, learning new things and passing your knowledge on to others you'll be very welcome.

Click here to see film 'Life in the Third Age'.
Or see Mansfield U3A in action on Mansfield U3A on YouTube

We can open the way for you to join in with continued learning in academic subjects at national summer schools and participate in our interest groups where we co-operate for activities and hobbies.

Click on our latest newsletter to read about Mansfield U3A's visit to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular, other recent events and what's planned.

You'll see how members share interests in art appreciation, bridge, card games, crafts, singing, needlework, music, history, literature, wine tasting and scrabble. How we keep learning about antiques, drawing, photography, technology, writing for pleasure and genealogy. How we keep fit joining-in with physical activities like walking, bowls and Tai Chi. How we socialise on theatre, concert and garden visits, caravanning, lunches and group holidays.

(Interest groups are only open to U3A members so please contact the membership secretary if you need to enquire about vacancies.)

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Recent Updates
Luncheon Club has changed a meeting date. Committee minutes of 2nd November are now in the Members' AreaShufflers has published its Spring programme. Gardening and Wine Appreciation 3 have been updated. Art has been updatedTheatre Visits has been updated. Recent Events and Photo Albums have been updated. What's On, Tai Chi and Writing for Pleasure have been updated. Caravan Rally has added some more 2015 dates. Heart Start has been updated. Gardening has updated its 2015 programme. The January newsletter is now in Documents. Afternoon Teas has been updated. History has published its 2015 programme. Art Appreciation has been updated. Site search has been updated. Chat & Stitch has published its 2015 programme. Calendar has been updated for 2015. Wine Appreciation 2 has published its 2015 programme. Hikers has published its 2015 programme. Antiques & Collectables has published some 2015 meeting dates.  Current Affairs has published its 2015 programme.
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Recent events
Read about the wide range of social and learning activities Mansfield U3A members have enjoyed over the last few months.
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Photo albums
Look through over 200 photo albums from interest group visits and other Mansfield U3A events members have attended.

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Useful Links
Mansfield U3A's links to nearby U3As, reference sources and other reliable websites will help you surf for information safely and save money by shopping on-line.
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Newsletters and other documents
Back numbers of the Mansfield U3A newsletter and reference documents are in PDF format here.

The 2014/15 Committee is here.

Committee minutes are in our members' area

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